Peanuts & Corn Releases > P&C017

Peanuts & Corn - Factory Seconds

Released August, 2001
Format: CD

Some labels release compilations with filler to make money. Peanuts & Corn releases compilations with top quality stuff to make money. Tracks by mcenroe, John Smith, Pip Skid, Gruf the Druid, Spoof (Frek Sho), fermented reptile, Gumshoe Strut, Josh Martinez and Your Brother in My Backpack. Also includes a video of Pip Skid's "Hypochondriac" on CD-ROM for use in that computer on that there desk.

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Track Listing:

1. mcenroe - Earnings Warning
2. Pip Skid - I Can't Front
3. John Smith - Battle Cry
4. Yy and the Gumshoe Strut - Legos
5. The Gallivanting Spoof - Accept or Sin
6. mcenroe and Josh Martinez - Energy Crisis
7. Pip Skid and Yy - Peg Leg City
8. Gruf the Druid - Druidry
9. The Gumshoe Strut - Sister to a Mother
10. fermented reptile - 2 cent brain
11. John Smith - Psychology pt II
12. Josh Martinez - Rainy Day
13. Pip Skid - Green Thumb
14. mcenroe - Good Corporate Citizen
15. Gruf the Druid - Brink of Control
16. Pip Skid - Cheap Tuesdays
17. Your Brother in My Backpack - Copsoup
18. Pip Skid - Raggedy Anne