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With nearly 16 years of field experience in the independent rap grind, Pipi Skid has risen to international status as one of the most ferocious, unforgiving political MCs on the scene today. His brutally honest, blue-collar anthems have been embraced by the thousands of listeners who feel just like him, but have never had a voice to represent them until now. Despite his high-energy live shows, Pipi is a reluctant spokesperson. His songwriting reflects his juxtaposing lifestyle of outspoken political MC and anti-social recluse.

Pipi Skid began his hip hop career in 1991 when he formed Farm Fresh with fellow Brandonites mcenroe and DJ Hunnicutt. After releasing two albums as Farm Fresh, Pipi formed Fermented Reptile with Gruf the Druid of Frek Sho and released “Let’s Just Call You Quits,” one of the most critically acclaimed Canadian hip-hop releases of all time.In April 2001, Pipi Skid released his first solo record, Friends 4 Ever. This album featured some of Pipi’'s most challenging topics to date, including Long Live Bruce Willis, a song that prophesied the US reaction to the incidents of September 11th. In October 2002, the ever-evolving Pipi Skid collaborated with fellow Peanuts & Corn recording artist John Smith for the crunked-up/drunked-up Hip Hop Wieners.

His new solo release, Funny Farm, was released in early 2004 and is Pipi’s fiercest project to date. Pipi points the finger at everyone responsible for this f--ked up world, including himself. A video for the first single, Alone Again, has been completed and will be available as an enhanced portion of the CD. Pipi Skid is the voice of the angry, the frustrated, the broke, the tired and the fed-up - whether he likes it or not. So bosses, politicians and oh yeah, wack your back when you’re out at night.

Groups: Hip-Hop Wieners, fermented reptile, Break Bread, Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh - Time Is Running Out
P&C034 (2005)
mcenroe - disenfranchised 2 / Pip Skid - Funny Farm 2
P&C033 (2005)
Break Bread EP
P&C031 (2004)
Peanuts & Corn - Tape Hiss (1993-97)
P&C030 (2004)
Pipi Skid - Funny Farm
P&C028 (2004)
Hip-Hop Wieners - All Beef, No Chicken
P&C022 (2002)
Peanuts & Corn - Summer 2002
P&C021 (2002)
Pip Skid - Money Matters
7" vinyl
P&C019 (2002)
Peanuts & Corn - Factory Seconds
P&C017 (2001)
Peanuts & Corn - Spring 2001
feat. John Smith and Pip Skid
12" vinyl
P&C016 (2001)
Pip Skid - Friends4Ever
P&C014 (2001)
Park-Like Setting / Fermented Reptile split
12" vinyl
P&C011 (2000)
fermented reptile - let's just call you "quits"
P&C010 (1999)
farm fresh - played out
P&C009 (1999)
Pip Skid - I'm Mean Mixtape
PIP001 (2005)