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mcenroe got his start in the rap game in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada in 1991, as one third of Farm Fresh. He started making beats and rapping shortly thereafter. He founded Peanuts & Corn Records in 1994 and has been producing and recording for the label ever since. In 1998 he changed his name from Roddy Rod to mcenroe and released the ethics ep on CD and vinyl. This began an unparalleled string of hip-hop releases, producing groups such as John Smith, Pip Skid, fermented reptile, Gruf, Hip-Hop Wieners and his own groups, Farm Fresh and Park-Like Setting. In 2003 he released disenfranchised, Peanuts & Corn’s most widely acclaimed and highest selling record to date, and it was nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award the following year. mcenroe is one of Canada's most respected hip-hop figures - not only for his artistic output but his independent spirit and business sense.

Groups: Park-Like Setting, Farm Fresh, Break Bread, mcenroe & Birdapres
Also Produces for: John Smith, Pip Skid, Yy, Birdapres, fermented reptile, Hip-Hop Wieners

Park-Like Setting - Craftsmen
P&C036 (2005)
Farm Fresh - Time Is Running Out
P&C034 (2005)
mcenroe - disenfranchised 2 / Pip Skid - Funny Farm 2
P&C033 (2005)
mcenroe & Birdapres - Nothing Is Cool
P&C032 (2004)
Break Bread EP
P&C031 (2004)
Peanuts & Corn - Tape Hiss (1993-97)
P&C030 (2004)
Peanuts & Corn - Fall 2003
feat. John Smith and mcenroe & Birdapres
P&C027 (2003)
mcenroe - disenfranchised
P&C025 (2003)
mcenroe - Billy's Vision
P&C023 (2002)
mcenroe - the convenience ep
P&C020 (2002)
Peanuts & Corn - Factory Seconds
P&C017 (2001)
Park-Like Setting - School Day 2, Garbage Day 4
P&C012 (2000)
Park-Like Setting / Fermented Reptile split
12" vinyl
P&C011 (2000)
farm fresh - played out
P&C009 (1999)
mcenroe - the ethics ep
P&C008 (1998)
Roddy Rod - Emissions
P&C005 (1996)