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John Smith is widely regarded as Winnipeg's most versatile MC. Respected by all of Hip Hop's fractured factions, Smith is just as comfortable bringing a hot sixteen bars to the club as he is serving up youngsters in street corner ciphers. As Peanuts & Corn Records resident brokenknuckle bard, Smitty crafts songs that detail the lives of his community, Winnipeg's infamous North End. Stylistically, he eases through a myriad of flows with a delivery that ranges from quietly conversational to loud, damning testimonial. At age 24, four albums deep, his polished flow stands in contrast to his lifestyle of, "fists, pipes, trickin', scammin', bleedin', and boozin''".

Smith moved to Winnipeg from Churchill, Manitoba's northernmost community, in 1993. The transition from the “polar bear capitol of the world” to the “murder capitol of Canada” was surprisingly smooth for the young rapper, who quickly gained notoriety as a ruthless battle rapper. After serving a brief apprenticeship as mcenroe's hype man, the two MCs, along with DJ Hunnicutt formed Park-Like Setting and released the full length School Day 2, Garbage Day 4, in the fall of 2000. Smitty's solo debut, Blunderbus (Or, In Transit) followed in Spring 2001. In October 2002, the ever-evolving Smith collaborated with fellow Peanuts & Corn recording artist Pip Skid for the crunked-up/drunked-up Hip Hop Wieners. Their release, All Beef, No Chicken, as well as all of John Smith’s recordings, have been embraced with national and international critical acclaim, receiving glowing reviews from magazines like Exclaim!, Pound, URB, and the UK's Hip Hop Connection.

Pinky's Laundromat, Smith's latest solo endeavor, is a high concept exploration of his ‘hood, Winnipeg's North End. John puts aside his MC persona and introduces us to an eccentric cast of locals, from the perspective of a laundromat clerk from around the way. To be released in early 2004, Peanuts and Corn is building anticipation for Pinky's Laundromat with its first single and video, Kinship of the Down and Out. Available on the Fall 2003 split single, Kinship is Smith's most accessible release to date, with an undeniable hook that has already elevated the song to anthem-like status on college radio stations across the country.

Groups: Park-Like Setting, Break Bread, Hip-Hop Wieners

Park-Like Setting - Craftsmen
P&C036 (2005)
Break Bread EP
P&C031 (2004)
John Smith - Pinky's Laundromat
P&C029 (2004)
Peanuts & Corn - Fall 2003
feat. John Smith and mcenroe & Birdapres
P&C027 (2003)
John Smith - High Arctics
7" vinyl
P&C024 (2002)
Hip-Hop Wieners - All Beef, No Chicken
P&C022 (2002)
Peanuts & Corn - Summer 2002
P&C021 (2002)
Peanuts & Corn - Factory Seconds
P&C017 (2001)
Peanuts & Corn - Spring 2001
feat. John Smith and Pip Skid
12" vinyl
P&C016 (2001)
John Smith's Blunderbus
P&C015 (2001)
Park-Like Setting - School Day 2, Garbage Day 4
P&C012 (2000)
Park-Like Setting / Fermented Reptile split
12" vinyl
P&C011 (2000)